About Me

I'll work on the 100 things about me, but it will take a while in five minute increments.

  1. I'm finding a timer is my best home management tool. It allows me to be faithful with my time giving me hope that the tasks I hate will soon end and that I will not spend so much time on the tasks I love or get distracted by that I don't get anything else done. That sounds like a post that should happen. Holy crazy sentence.
  2. I'm a mother to two children on earth, and five with Jesus in Paradise. I miss those I haven't met. Though I adore those I have, sometimes I forget and take them for granted. I thought loss would make me less likely to do such a thing, but I am human.
  3. I am a wife. I love my husband. He was my second boyfriend and, shhhh, my first kiss at 19. Enough about that.
  4. I am a recovering perfectionist. According to Kevin Leman, it will be a lifelong struggle for this first born child of three. My brother and sister have different struggles.
  5. I like making things, but I don't like cleaning things. I pray that one of my children will have this cleaning gift. {smile}
  6. I really like Ezra and Nehemiah.
  7. We are out numbered by pets: one dog, three cats (though one will be leaving soon), three rabbits who live outside, and five fish. I don't know how this happened; often I don't mind, but sometimes I really wish it would un-happen.
  8. I make a too long to-do list every single day. It discourages me.
  9. I dream of writing and speaking. 
  10. I home-educate my children because that is the option that most suits our family. If you've chosen something else, I'm good with that too.
  11.  We eat a Hershey's dark chocolate kiss after lunch every day we are home. It isn't the ethical choice for chocolate, but it is the dentist approved choice for candy. And they are yummy!
  12. I have worn glasses since I was in the sixth grade. I keep trying contacts; they haven't been comfortable for long enough periods of time. I buy new glasses every year.
  13. I may have been known to say, You're required to love me. You promised. While he has agreed.

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