Monday, October 30, 2006

Eleven Months Today

Wow! Today Abigail is 11 months old. She is sleeping now, confused by the time change. Her clothes are so much bigger than when she came home, and they get dirtier so much faster. She has distinct likes, getting undressed, and dislikes, getting dressed. She creates reasons to say, "uh-oh," and finally finds seeing new people pleasant. No longer are strangers warily stared at, but today she waved and smiled at people at the grocery store.

At one time, probably as Abigail expressed her utter anger at something I chose for her, I said God gives us helpless babies so we love them so much when they start saying "no" we keep them. Today as I was watching Abby, I decided that God starts babies off so very helpless so we can watch with amazement the way they change and grow. Ahh, the parallels to our lives in His eyes. What a privelege He has given us in the person of Abigial.

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