Thursday, November 9, 2006


Ok, this was days ago, but still very cute. I fed Abigail her 3:00PM bottle, and because she believes that 1/2 ounce belongs on her chin, neck, and chest, I put a bib on her. She threw aside her mostly finished bottle, bib still in place, in order to play. I went about my work knowing that she would be sharing a yogurt with me a little later. By the time we were about to have our snack, the bib was in Abigail's place. Directly opposite its original place. For the remainder of the evening it stayed backwards (with a short stint in the proper place for dinner).

We discussed the statement Abigail was making. Was she the new Superwoman? Or maybe she wanted to make sure we are aware of her princess-hood. I hold to the idea that she was making a stand for her place in our family: Princess Abigail.

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