Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 Things I Know Now

  1. Oatmeal sticks to wood floors with the tenacity of crazy glue and over time becomes sharpened to the point of becoming wheaponized.
  2. Buying cushions for a $25 garage sale patio set (table and four chairs) will cost more than the patio set bought twice.
  3. Family dining outside with Twiddlepants the Toddler reminds me that said cushions would not last a meal. (We don't purchase the cushions.)
  4. Even a hose set to power spray can't remove sloppy joe from patio set. Now we have assigned seats.
  5. I can't enjoy a meal if I am sitting where Twiddlepants the Toddler last sat. I see all the stains.
  6. A tired, disagreeable toddler being carried away from the play structure at the park kicks ...hard.
  7. Disciplining a kicking toddler at the park is hard.
  8. God didn't give me Abigail because I had done something right in my life.
  9. God gave me Abigail because God loves me.
  10. God gave me Abigail because God wants to change me.

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