Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watermelon Love

In season fruit. One of life's little joys. There is something exhilarating about rejecting California strawberries for strawberries from a farm a mile down the road. Or the squash, cherries, and blueberries from the farmer at the downtown farmer's market. Nothing quite like shunning the supermarket.

Abigail finds such deliciousness irresistible! There is always more room in her belly for fruity yummies.

After devouring the strawberries and the sweet cherries, she has discovered the watermelon. (I know not yet in Michigan season, but I couldn't keep myself from getting one from the store the other day.) She is so enamored with watermelon that she finds herself wherever it is.

Willing to risk life and limb to devour the red watery sweetness. As I slice into the watermelon to create a bowl of chunked desert. Abigail pushes her stool into position at the counter. As I cut the rind away, she climbs to the top; her little head above the counter and hands poised to snatch the watermelon before it makes in into the bowl. I make the vertical slices and hear, "Num, num, num," chanted in anticipation. I make the horizontal slice and the hands begin their journey toward the nearest chunk as little feet begin their food dance. And she has it!! or them. To her mouth as fast as she can carry it. Watermelon juice coursing down her chin and onto her shirt, dripping off her elbows as she reaches in for more. 2-3-4 chunks down before the slice is in the bowl!

The next slice and we start again.

Ahh. The watermelon now rests in the bowl. Moved out of Num-Num's reach. The round redness no longer protected by green rind lies in chunks ready to be eaten. I turn around for the dish rag and hear a suspicious scooting noise. I look to find that Abigail has hooked the bowl of melon and is dragging it to her. Before I know it she has reached in and pulled out watermelon. In her mouth it goes. A big smile washes over her face and out comes "Mmmmm" and watermelon juice dribbles down her chin and to the floor.

I laugh. After all, watermelon is chalk full of good stuff for her and if a puddle of watermelon juice is the grossest thing I have to clean up, I've got it made!


  1. That was such a great post! Beautiful! Besides....I don't blame her, watermelon is one of the best fruits of summer! It will most definitely be on the menu in heaven.

  2. Mmmm . . . watermelon!! My kids love it too!