Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cherry Crush

Revlon Cherry Crush.

I have always tried to shy away from the red spectrum of polish; purple was more my color.

I couldn't resist this week and finally, today, I actually polished away. I am delighted to feel ever so slightly sleazy in my new color. It makes me quite pleased with myself to look down and see freshly painted, slightly sleazy Cherry Crush smiling back at me. I almost giggle when I think of going to church tomorrow feeling naughty with such a color on my toes. There can't possibly be a downside.

Or could there. Is it possible that Cherry Crush highlights the practical nonexistence of my pinkie toe, my excuse for less than graceful movement? Could you really count only eight Cherry Crush nails and miss the two hiding in embarrassment of the stature of their toe-home? And what of the slope that seems to be occurring on most of the nails? There is no straightness here and no amount of filing fixes this problem.

Oh yes, yes, yes to all. My Cherry Crush highlights my pedicure inadequacies! Yet I will rejoice. I will go to church delighting in my Cherry Crush toes and smile when I imagine the scandal to follow.

1 comment:

  1. You crack me up Sarah! You wicked lady you with your sinfully red toes!