Monday, October 15, 2007

I Can't Help It

The rule sounds so very serious. And there are predictions of dire consequences if one disregards the rule. But sometimes I just can't help it. I break the rule.

The Rule:
Always put your children down before they fall asleep. Never rock your kids to sleep.
I don't often break the rule, but today there was something about sitting and singing and rocking that held me there. I think about how very independent she is, and I rejoice in it. I think about how quickly the time seems to have gone, though, and I sit a little long. I soak up the feeling of her youngness and her littleness and her need.
I wouldn't trade those rule-breaking moments for anything. I love the feel of her body getting heavier and cuddling into the warmth of being held. I love listening to her breathing relax. I love watching her eyes struggle for wakefulness the dark little lines formed by her eyelashes stay for longer and longer periods of time. Till it happens. She is asleep.
Perhaps on the way to her crib she will rouse enough for one last plea, "ssssong" mumbled into her blanket. Perhaps she won't.
Yes, I admit, I am a rule breaker. Wouldn't you be too?


  1. Yes, in moments like those I, too, would be a rule breaker. Those are the best of offenses!

  2. I've found that with kids, there are no real rules. Lex snuggles beside me in bed when he nurses (and then back to his crib), and Gwen STILL wakes up to climb into bed next to me. But Hunter is proof that doesn't last too long :) And with Kevin gone, the extra company isn't all that bad.

  3. I find that the more you think about not being able to hold and rock that baby when they are 10 or so, the more you no longer care so much about the "rules".