Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Awe

There is currently playing an excruciating song on our local country station. The song is the last letter from a soldier, the one that his friends send to his wife if anything happens to him. I don't know what the name of the song is or even who sings it, but every time it plays I get goosebumps and my eyes well up with tears.

Perhaps because I am a wife, I can imagine reading it, and for a small moment put myself in the shoes of those wives who have received such news. I become so very thankful Chris is not in the military and am bitten by my own selfishness.

My friend Mindi is waiting to say good-bye to her husband who will leave for Iraq soon. I am so very thankful for Kevin who is putting himself in harm's way and for Mindi who does not hold too closely to those she loves, who will let go in a way I can't even imagine.

And, I want to say to all those staying behind--wives, mothers, fathers, children, husbands--thank-you. Thank you for the extra work you will do. Thank you for the faithfulness you exhibit. Thank you for the strength and the patience and the hope you demonstrate. Thank you for opening yourself up to the struggle and loneliness and possibility of loss.

I am in awe of the path you are walking and I am praying that God will prove Himself to you every moment.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for thinking of us Sarah!
    I can't say that I will be strong, I will have to trust God will be the strength that I need to hold the family together while Kevin is away.
    And that song is by Tim McGraw, and it chokes me up every time!