Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

No worries, there is no way I am disciplined enough to give thrifty tips every Thursday. And when I say not disciplined enough I mean in both spending Thursdays doing the same thing and in being thrifty. But I did think I will share a little something I have learned in this season of owning one house and renting another.

I. Hate. Coupons. I spend all this time Sunday or Monday, when I could be doing something I want to like drawing mutated cows and horses, cutting out coupons and looking at sales fliers. Then I try to make a menu based on that instead of on what we want to eat, and I might add what we usually have on hand, because we want to eat those things. And then I go to the grocery store, this time though I am smart enough to write down the adjusted prices so I can compare with what the cost would be at the store compared with Aldi. You know what I found. There was only ONE thing that was cheaper at the other store! All that time and I saved virtually nothing. But I did gain my Sunday afternoons back. Perhaps I have the better deal.

Let me repeat--I. Hate. Coupons.
And let me add--Live on Aldi!

1 comment:

  1. I'll have to give Aldi a try. I don't even know if we have one here!!