Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Birthday Party Pictures

Well, as I said before, Abigail's birthday was Friday and we had the party on Friday. A small gathering of immediate, if that includes aunts and uncles, family. Abigail was cranky that morning and woke up from her nap even crankier, and slightly warm. I gave her some ibruprofen for the warmth and thought nothing of it. Maybe teeth.

Maybe not! Half-way through dinner of hot dogs, pasta salad, baked beans, and fruit salad. Abigail was done with her guests. And she was HOT! Yes, it was four hours later. Aceteminophen this time. Because Abigail recovers quickly after the medicine hits her system, we (yes, a concensus of all the women present) decided to do candles before presents and gifts before cake. After all you almost have to forget you put hot dogs in your body before you can consume cake and ice cream.

And then the gifts, she wasn't feeling great but when she discovered toys came out of the wrapping she was more than willing to find a loose place in the paper.

Even those bigger than herself.
Finally the cake or a toy. Abigail likes cake but not icing. Though I can't be sure she likes the icing as an artist medium more that as dessert or if she doesn't like icing. So sick she refused her ice cream. Unheard of in this house.

I had to put a picture of the cake I made (with the help of Duncan Hines, of course), but the shape is all mine from the Family Fun website. They have all sorts of great cake ideas and the patterns those of us who can't see a horse in a 9X13 cake need.


  1. I am impressed with the cake you made! Very nice!!!

  2. I found your blog through The Hectic Years blog. I am very impressed with your cake. I am sure Abigail remembers her birthday fondly even though she was not feeling well.

  3. What a nice cake! Gotta love horses. I'm sorry she was sick - but it looks like she had a great party!