Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Word Phrases

One of the questions I had to answer for Abigail's second year check-up was "Does she speak in three word phrases?"

I had to think about it! At the time and under pressure I could only think of one three word phase.

Yes, I answered the nurse close to tears the voice in my head yelled:
She is behind and you are a terrible mother!

And of course at the doctor's office, Abigail forgets all of the words she knows. Well, all except the No! All done! scream of toddler only frightened enough to be furious with a stranger checking her out. But it is a three word phrase, and I am relieve that I didn't lie to the nurse.

Once home, Abigail's normal chattiness returned and with Christmas a whole slew of three word phrases. Most begin with No!

My do it.
Daddy, sit down.
Mama, milk pwease.
Hot chocolate, Mommy.
No shoot me.
When the NERF dart guns are wielded.
No tickle me.
No, my button.
No, pants on. Revised for other articles of clothing whether on or off.
No, my boogies. Referring to the sock lint stuck between her toes.

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