Thursday, February 28, 2008


We live in a neighborhood struggling, in time it could go either way. In our plans this is a temporary situation. When our house in Michigan sells, we have the choice of where we will live and raise our families. We can stay here in this neighborhood, for if "good" people never come to "bad" neighborhoods the neighborhoods never change. (That isn't to say that our neighborhood is populated by bad people. There are many people working very hard to change the reputation of our neighborhood.) We could buy land and build our house, for being self-sufficient seems a good goal. We could move into any number of other neighborhoods, paying a little more or a lot more than houses in this neighborhood.

I am not trying to make a decision here in this post but illustrating that we have the choice of where to live. And that is not a place some find themselves. For some this is the neighborhood they can live in. For some walking to the library is how they can get there. For some the choices are few. And for some the choices are non existent.

So today, as Abigail and I ate lunch, I felt guilty for driving home from the library and being in the midst of finishing lunch while my neighbor was still carrying her two-year old home from the library. Granted they did stop to pick up lunch on the way, but the temperature still hovers around 20 degrees. Oh, how I am blessed. What am I to do with the blessedness?

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I especially feel guilty about wanting *more*. I have a home, so what if it has no trim, insulation shows in places, and we still have peeling wallpaper and holes in the ceiling?
    It is MUCH more than many others have. And we chose this place, to fix up into our home. Too many don't have that choice.
    But I hope you had fun at the library, I have always loved that place :D