Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've noticed. . .

  • when I exercise, I am more likely to shave my legs.
  • non-anti-antiperspirant organic deodorant can't stand up to exercise. But I will continue using it because I exercise alone in my basement (just as I like it) and exercising tends to keep me shaving.
  • sunny days in the middle of February inspire me even if the temperature promises to keep me inside.
  • I love houses with big windows!
  • it is way too easy to take a great man for granted.
  • it is easier to be patient with and expect less from children who aren't my own.
  • a plan is good, but better if I can scrap it.
  • I never know how dirty my toilet is till I'm prepared to reject lunch face forward. El yucko!
  • neighborhood kids in Uniontown will take things that aren't theirs just like neighborhood kids in Benton Harbor will take things that aren't theirs.
  • there is always a post in my favorites that speaks to me. Today it is at Cheaper by the Half Dozen.
  • I am unhappy with my feeder as I receive posts a day late. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • when the heads-up is given that our rental may come up for sale I find all sorts of reasons we should not stay here. Before the heads-up was given the idea of staying was easier to consider. The house hasn't changed; the situation has.
  • little girls with runny noses should have their hair in a pony tail to alleviate horrific screaming when brushing said hair.


  1. That adoption story is so sad!! I pray you never have to face that. Oh, and I hear you about the toilet thing - yuck!!