Monday, March 31, 2008

Net Flicks

Mixed Media Monday

We don't have cable. We haven't had cable since last summer. We didn't have a TV till our landlord gave us one. Apparently TV-free living makes us somehow pitiable. The free TV is a 13 incher. Chris plays his video games on it. We watch VHS movies on it. When not in use, I hide it with a small plant.

We were renting DVDs and watching them on Chris's laptop, but the selection at the video store was mighty slim. Actually it was heavy on popular movies, but we don't really want to pay to see steamy love scenes and gratituous violence (OK, I don't want to see violence). So we decided to check out Netflix. I heart Netflix. There are all sorts of movies I have never heard of available at Netflix. I have to share.

Luther was our most recent rental. I think we will buy Luther. The movie tells the story of Luther's role in re-vamping Christianity. He was such a tortured man, but I am so thankful that He stood on God's word and wouldn't compromise.

Saints and Soldiers was a World War II movie about a group of men with valuable information trapped behind enemy lines. We really liked it. (Based on historical events.)

David is a movie about a young boy who escapes from a communist concentration camp and tries to travel to Denmark. It is haunting as he is haunted by his memories. Chris thought it sounded kind of lame, but I think he liked it more than I did.

Not Netflix, but because Abigail can't stop talking about it.

Cars is an animated film about a race car who comes to realize life is more about others than himself. Though the tractor-tipping scene is scary, Abigail can't bring herself to stop talking about the movie. She is such a fan she received Lightning and Sally for Easter.


  1. I think we saw Luther when it was on the big screen. We enjoyed it, in fact, since it's been a while I think we'll have to watch it again! And while I'm adding movies to our Blockbuster online queue....I may as well add the other movies you mentioned. :) Thanks for the movie tips!

  2. I love netflix and am cancelling cable (I keep saying that, but I am because I don't watch it!) I'll check out Luther :)

  3. I once knew some people who owned a TV, but kept it in their closet and only took it out and plugged it in when there were specific things they wanted to watch. i always thought that was kind of cool... but I'm just so used to my TV being there for me at all times!