Wednesday, March 5, 2008

News in the Housing Market

We got a call from our Realtor last night saying there is a couple interested making an offer on our house. They think the layout of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom isn't great and it is on a four-lane road so that will be taken into consideration when they make the offer. I must agree with the layout problems but if they can come up with a better way of doing it and keeping the bathroom go to it. And the location isn't as bad as all that when you can get to Target and the grocery store in 10 minutes. Weekly shopping in an hour--consider that. Do they not think all those things were taken into consideration when the price was established.

Sorry for the venting. Anyway please pray that they were able to see that our house was what they wanted last night when they were looking at comparable houses. And please pray that they make an offer. And please pray it is an offer we can feel good about. We really hate to negotiate. And please pray that the offer sees its way to completion and we don't own a house any longer. Please pray!

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  1. Am praying!!! Please let us know what happens!