Saturday, March 8, 2008

On Purpose

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

When I was younger and fancied myself disciplined enough to become an outstanding horsewoman, I read a magazine called Practical Horseman. I enjoyed most a recurring article called The Thinking Horseman the author would recount events in her life as a horsewoman. The articles were introspective, interesting, and humorous.

When I started this blog, it was to share our family's life with our extended family and a way of chronicling Abigail's life for all of us. Soon it became my way of working through all the things I was learning about myself as a woman, a wife, and a mother. The way all those things work together. I remember reading a book Elisabeth Elliot wrote to her daughter when she got married. I remember reading Passion and Purity as a teenager and I find my writing style to be a little like that.

Now that we are closer and Abigail's extended family can see more of her, I don't necessarily use this place as a chronicle of her life, but as a chronicle of my own because of her life. Perhaps the reason my family doesn't read as much any more, but that is another subject. And I think of the parents who write in their Bibles and present them to their children when they reach a certain age or the scrapbookers who create beautiful tomes of memories for their children.

So what is this blog because of abigail? After all some of you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party and have patiently waited for me to get to my point. (Not a very exciting introduction, but a pretty accurate portrayal of what happens here.) What is my goal? And some of you who have been reading this are probably tired of this question. (I have been mulling it over for quite some time.) I find myself desiring all of these things; introspection, exposure, and holiness.

I want my children to have a picture of their mother's journey through this life with all its identity crises and all the ways Christ reveals Himself to me through my interactions with the world. I want my daughter to know that she is dearly loved and valued when she finds herself struggling with all the issues womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood bring with them.

Along the way I hope to encourage and entertain others for I think we all find ourselves in these places, but ultimately because of abigail is for Abigail. I want to join the ranks of wives and mothers who allowed God to change their identity from one of singleness to one of community in the lives of those He entrusted to her. I love the picture of Abigail on my header so thoughtful as she licks the batter from the beater. I want the same joy of fully enjoying all the delicacies God has given me in such a way as to become more of who He created me to be.


  1. That's a beautiful picture of your heart! I had to come over and check out my namesake! Nice to meet you!

  2. What a wonderful reason to start a blog. It's nice to meet you.

  3. Dear Sarah:

    I am so glad I found your blog. It is actually a lot like mine, although mine is very new. I am going to bookmark your blog and plan to come back often. I'm having a praise party on my blog and am planning a complete praise post sometime this week. Blessings to you!

  4. Welcome to the party. It's nice to meet you.

  5. Nice to meet you and excited to meet lots of new cyber friends in this journey.


  6. Well, those all sound like great goals for a blog to me! Enjoy your party this week!

  7. Wow, thanks ladies! On our way to church, will visit you all this afternoon.

  8. Just stopping by for the Blogger Party! I like your header, too! There's nothing better in childhood than when your mama bakes something delicious AND lets you lick the beater! Blissful!

  9. I just popped by for the party-

    It is lovely to meet you and I think you must be the best mommy in the whole world. I will be back again

    Happy partying

  10. I'm inviting you to party with me!

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    Happy Partying!

  11. Thanks for visiting my party and inviting me to yours!

    What a lovely reason to start a blog.

  12. I love your sense of purpose as a mother, wife, and woman as a woman seeking after God. It's such a great and awesome thing, and I especially like how you're open to your daughter seeing you as you are, even if struggling.

    I think that's a great example. Life's not always perfect and we aren't either, but Christ is.

    I also wanted to thank you for the word about "the Lord will redeem the year of the locust." It was really encouraging.

    Many blessings,

  13. I definitely agree with the previous posters you have a terrific blog. Kudos!

  14. Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!