Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Over

Well we did it. The home visit portion of the home study is over. Only one more meeting to go and we will be "paperwork ready." The only thing we have left will be the profile to be shown to expecting mothers. Oh, yeah, and waiting. I am actually ready for the waiting. This self-evaluation and marketing is getting old. But I didn't go crazy and make my family miserable as I tried to make our house cleaner than it normally is. So that is something.


  1. Wow. Must be exhausting yet worth it. I am so glad progress is being made.

  2. Would you call this the 'nesting' phase of this expectant journey? :)

    Glad to hear that your one step closer and that you didn't become a crazy cleaning mad woman! I would have struggled with that too.

  3. I was praying for you yesterday. Glad it went well. proud of you for being yourself.

    More later