Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Homestudy Update

Yesterday was supposed to be our middle homestudy meeting where the social worker comes to our house. It was postponed due to a scheduling conflict at Bethany. This week is their licensing review and all staff needed to be in the office. Short notice for everyone, but I pray the review goes well. Bethany has been in the adoption business for many, many years so I really have no fears.

The meeting has been changed to the 15th of this month, a week from today. If you think of us between now and then, pray that God is present in the preparation and in the meeting itself. As I mentioned this is new to all of us. And I sometimes start to feel like it is a test or job interview and that somehow we will fail and will be rejected as bad parents. Funny how having a child both relieves and intensifies those feelings as I see that I am keeping her alive, and seeing even more my weaknesses.

I must trust and rejoice at the same time. God has a family He is building for us, and in my weakness He is strong.


  1. I know its going to work out for your family, one way or another! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Still praying for you - you guys are great parents and God does have a family in mind for you. Try to rest easy and not worry, but I know how hard that can be!!