Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Didn't Know

We have had things added to our adoption paperwork.

Some of them are things that our agency should have asked for when we were completing our backup documentation. Like Michigan clearances because we haven't lived in Pennsylvania for five years. Can I just say they knew that from the very, very beginning.

Some of them are changes in Pennsylvania law that came into being on January 1st. We got our backup documentation packet December 28th so the FBI clearance paperwork wasn't in there.

And finally some of them are changes just enacted at our agency for the purpose of better serving families in Ohio. (An aside, I happen to be praying for a baby from Ohio who has a mom and dad signing the papers after 72 hours. There is no revocation period in Ohio. Pennsylvania has a 30 day revocation period after signing the papers.) The car seat instruction and the fire inspection don't concern me as much as finding a place to do our first aid/cpr training before June.

We went from having a family profile to create to having all this other stuff. And I really want to keep our May 5th appointment. I may be just a little stressed. OK tons. And I can't stop eating. Whenever I think about the next thing, I want to make some cookies.

Something funny, scary, weird and stressful has come out of this, though. Actually more aggravating than funny but if we don't laugh, we'd scream. I was doing our Michigan Criminal Background checks. Oh yes, you can pay ten dollars and do an internet check of your background. Anyway, I looked at mine and as expected there was no criminal activity. I printed it out. Then I looked at Chris's and there was an incident, an arrest, and a prosecution in 1995! We didn't live in Michigan till 2002. Except for the name, NOTHING matched. But we have to get him fingerprinted (different than the FBI fingerprints) and mail a challenge to Michigan State Police. See funny. Even twenty-four hours later I can't decide whether to laugh or scream.


  1. I'm sorry!! I can't imagine your frustration. Hopefully you will get everything worked out according to God's plan.
    And the arrest? Too funny - but I'm glad you caught it now!

  2. There always seems to be something that keeps us dependent on the Lord, on our knees and seeking Him. ...still praying for you and Chris as you move through the adoption process.