Saturday, May 3, 2008


Southwestern Pennsylvania

I've been missing southwestern Michigan lately. Remembering playgroup on Wednesdays and the park on Tuesdays and the beach whenever we wanted it. Mostly my friends. We haven't been here long enough to have friendships like the ones we had in Michigan. I am sure it is coming. But I had forgotten the road of awkwardness and second-guessing and strangeness friendship takes before it is really good. I mean the does-this-make-me-look-fat shopping honesty friendships.

I don't want to marinate in this funk so I must remember the benefits of this move. Abigail gets to see life at all of its stages.

with their eyes closed, and mamas feeding their puppies.

Chicks just hatched and chickens ready for dinner.


in the water, on the line, and without heads.

Those things may not sound all that important, but I don't know a time in my childhood when these weren't the realities. Because we moved, Abigail can have that same experience. Where the natural world is gently used with appreciation and grace without abuse, neglect, or worship.


  1. Southwestern Michigan does have some pretty great people, and I miss them too! However, Southwestern California has some great people as well, I am learning. :) Here's to hoping/praying that you will meet the great people of SW Penn! In the mean time......enjoy the puppies and headless fish. :)

  2. That's too funny - headless fish :) I grew up with the same stuff, except I never liked the part about gutting fish. I cried when my dad caught a pregnant bass, and I still remember how horrible I felt :) Silly, I know, but as a child I just didn't understand.
    You'll have some great friends in no time!