Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Plans

Southwestern Pennsylvania

Our community has an organization GACCA. The purpose is to create a place where people want to live, rid the area of slumlords, fix the dilapidated houses, beautify and restore. I like that about our neighborhood. That makes me want to stay when I get tired of the hardness of living here. Our families would like to see us move and maybe we will, but I like the adventure of fix-er-uppers. After all, isn't that what I am, one marred by sin, bought by the blood of Christ, and being perfected as I journey with Him.

Anyway, the community organization has a board and a board president. They recently hired a person to be a sort of government, organization, citizen liaison. Incidentally I semi-applied for the job, but found that there was too much travel and an office outside my home. We have monthly meetings throughout the year except winter and part of spring. When the majority of concerned citizens are senior, winter poses a problem.

I went to the first 2008 meeting and I enjoyed it. I want to keep going but child-care may prove a problem. I signed up for a committee but haven't heard anything and that makes me wonder if the board really wants help or if they want to sound like they are totally swamped while maintaining all the control. That is me being nit-picky, I know. I must remember that I may do the same thing and at times need to be reminded that I am not superwoman. Perhaps gently chiding.

There have been plans laid for the summer. A car show today. A community trash pick-up next Saturday. Demolitions and ground-breaking. I have things I want to research and to promote--play days and community gardens and a park and a way for the older people to be part of the action. See all sorts of excitement--right where God wants us.

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  1. That sounds great - good luck with finding childcare. I know how hard that can be - especially trying to do photography on the side. They ended up going with me to my senior photo shoot yesterday :) They had a great time! Thankfully the senior didn't mind at all - he knew I couldn't find a babysitter in time!