Monday, June 2, 2008

Mixed Media Monday

The Dukes of Hazzard--Chris and Abigail watched an episode of the Dukes when I was away one evening. It has become a family event, semi-nightly as summer with its long warm evenings has arrived, an episode of the Dukes and a snack followed by "Bible time" and bed. We have the first four seasons. Pretty soon we will need the remainders.

Down the Road by Alice Schertle, illustrated by E.B. Lewis--A little girl gets to go to the store for a basket of eggs alone for the first time. She ends up in an apple tree with 12 broken eggs. The story is fun and the pictures are beautiful.

Home--My aunt recycles this magazine to me after she is finished. I love looking at the pictures, but the prices make my mouth hang open.

Dreamer--I wanted to see a horse movie and Bethany Dillon sings the closing song, less about a horse and more about a Savior, so it went on our queue. It was a sweet movie and we weren't disappointed, though able to fold laundry through the first part.

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  1. I liked Dreamer, simply because of the horse :D