Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Catch-Up

Wow, have I ever become unreliable. So to get me back on track I will try to catch up on some things and then tomorrow perhaps say something useful or witty or of some benefit to the world.

In Housing News
We placed an offer on the house about a block away. I have coveted the house since it went on the market, but we tried to get out of the neighborhood. It happens to be the best fit. There was a counter-offer which we accepted. So we are in route to home ownership once again. Tomorrow is our home inspection, but since this is a flipper I don't foresee any issues. In fact since Chris is my husband, I don't see any issues.

In Dental Work News
Abigail has completely recovered from her trip to the dentist. She did sleep more the following days but not enough to actually blame the anesthesia.

In Adoption News
We are waiting, still. I don't have the paperwork gathered though it is all present, and when I talked with our social worker who called to check in, she said that if we wait till we move before we have our home study approved we will save the additional fee for a change of address. So we wait.

I think that about does it for noteworthy information from our house.


  1. I was thinking of you today and was about to inquire about the latest news on the housing front. Thanks for the update. Pictures soon??! :)

  2. Thanks for updating! Sorry about the roof. Can't wait to hear more.