Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Choosing Rejection--2

I have been thinking more about rejection. And really about why I reject stuff. Why do I reject so much in this thing called marriage?

I find many reasons:
  • Chris is cute and funny and I like him.
  • I like the title of wife.
  • I want to survive the events of life with my marriage intact.
  • I want to fool the 50% statistic.
  • I like Chris and Abigail and want to do what is best by and for them.
But mostly I reject all that which I listed before and more because I find those things leave me discontent or critical of my family. I reject those things because of my word. I committed to this life with this man. I promised.

Why--why commit? why promise? why give my word before God and an audience? why reject so very much?

Because of the man, because of his nature, because of his character. Because of who he is.
As he invited me to companionship.
As he invited me to adventure.
As he invited me to know him and to be known by him.
As he invited me to intimacy.
As he invited me to commitment.
I responded because of who he revealed and proved himself to be. I committed to choosing to reject all that hinders our marriage because of the man extending the invitation.

And so it goes that God uses marriage as an illustration of His relationship with His people. By its very nature committing oneself to the Lord is an act of rejection as much as it is an act of affirmation. Many of the things I rejected when I married Chris were rejected when I committed to follow Christ wherever He led. And some even more.
I reject sin as revealed by Scripture.
I reject the appearance of sin.
I reject my desire for self-rule which creates gods to fit my idea of what God should be.

And just as I have committed to Chris because of his nature, I have committed to Christ because of His character and nature revealed in His Word. So, yes, my relationship with the Lord is marked with rejection, but the rewards of peace, patience, love, self-control, a quiet spirit, true passion, intimacy with the One who created me, knows me, and loves me--who died that I might find complete acceptance in Him--is worth every "no" I say.

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