Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Funny Things Said

I hear Good Morning Doving!
I hear the Mourning Dove!

Don't turn the dark on.
Leave the light on.

That's my hangaber!
That's my hamburger! I gave it to you. You ate it. I am offended, deeply.

See you water, puter. Be back soon.
Mommy don't turn puter off.
Just say bye bye to it.
I'm ready to go. Why are you working at the computer? Hurry up.

I summing.
I want to go to my friend's house after dinner. I plan to go. Mommy asked if I was invited or if I was assuming that I was welcome.

Affer we eat dinner. You cwean up. You two books wiff me?
After dinner and cleaning up. Will you read an endless number of books to me an endless number of times. (I should add that this is funnier with the facial expressions--eyebrows raised, head shaking in the affirmative, and an ever so slight glimpse of the dimples almost assures the girl of victory.)

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