Friday, July 11, 2008

To Grandmother's House

As we drove
green turning to blue
dark blue rising to meet
sky blue
fleeting wisps of cloud

Watching for livestock.
cows are sick
need Advil,
be better soon.

Toddler Reason.

No radio,
just talking.
Listening to growing.

Trees make a canopy
over the road.
Shifting shadows
browns greens grays
black asphalt.

Making plans
watching, waiting.

Talk of death
Tug back soon.
No he is dead.
Oh, be back soon.
No he can't come back.
Talk to Grandma.

Toddler Reason.

Grandma knows best.

Maybe I'll tell her
I feel like a
bad mother.

because. . .
Grandma knows best.

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