Sunday, August 3, 2008

Catching Up

We did not get the house one street over. There ended up being considerable red flags on the home inspection. The owner didn't want to deal with us, so we figured he could keep the house till the roof started leaking. We are currently waiting for a appraisal on the property where our house sits. If we can we would like to strike a deal with our landlord to buy this house as well as the other buildings on the lot. That happens the 13th of this month.

I have written before about the people who share the lot with us. They are not good neighbors and the children are given run of the neighborhood. Because there are five people living in a two bedroom 24x26 foot house, they must move out. Occupancy restrictions. (There were other reasons to evict the family, but our landlord wanted to go about it in the best way possible.) The hearing was July 24 (after warnings and written notice given in June). The judge gave them till today to move out. Tomorrow the sheriff and the judge come to haul them out. Abigail and I are escaping to WV to make pickles with Grandma Kathy and Aunt Biz. No need for her to see that.

I have decided to up my step count to 12,000. My strides are short so 10,000 steps was only 3 1/3 miles. I should make it to 15,00, but I thought I would take baby steps to get there. I still love not feeling the treadmill taunting me and the fact that I can count what I already do just do it a little differently. I need to keep at Pilates, because I like it and my back doesn't hurt, but there are so many other things I would rather do.

All our information is in, except that the home study approver has some questions. So, we still wait. With waiting promised after the home study is approved. Perhaps this isn't the right time?

I will post pictures this week. I am so proud of my garden (please don't let it start dying now). I have two watermelons growing and lots of tomatoes, still green, for a long time green, but promising. And best of all we will get to eat them because we will still be here or they will come with us. I seriously have never had a garden grow this well and this year the plants are growing in plastic totes. Who knew? Incidentally, Abigail has begun asking for a dog. I get to choose the dog breed if Chris gives in. I want a rabbit. It lives in a hutch. It eats compost and returns fertilizer. What kind of dog will do that, I ask you?

The ultrasound came back clear so we wait for the next fever and another urine sample. I am praying that the results will match, and will be clean for the remainder of her childhood. But matching results of either result would be nice as we would begin to know what is aggravating her system.

Has his first ever case of poison ivy. And it is bad. Cropping up in places without cause a week after exposure to the stuff. Please pray that he will heal (and go to the doctor for better medicine).

I want to finish the scarf I started on vacation at the end of May, so if I have left anything else unresolved just ask.


  1. I have a scarf that I started when we were still in's that for unfinished business?! :)

    I'm thinking of doing a pilates class at our gym. It's encouraging to hear that you like it and that it helps your body. Maybe it'll do my body some good too!

  2. Oh, I meant to say the liquid stuff oozing from the ivy (yucky!) does not spread it to other parts of the body. That is the myth my mom told me!!

  3. Thanks for the update :) I hope you get the home you are looking for, and good call with regard to Abigail, she doesn't need to see the neighbors evicted :(
    FYI - poison ivy is interesting. It doesn't actually spread, it just appears to. If you use your hand (after it was exposed, for example) to touch other parts, it will spread that way long before you even know you have ivy. And the other places will pop up much later than the first. I had a bad case a couple years ago, and did some research :D It is NO FUN!!!

  4. So it's past the 13th what is up with the house?