Friday, September 5, 2008

While I'm Here

It has been a while. I am not good with thinking while pregnant. Perhaps that is why the kids I worked with while pregnant with Abigail called me mean. Or maybe that was because of the hormones I had to take.

Anyway, I will try to better stay in touch, but no promises.

Pregnancy--still there, still feeling pregnant. Yuck, but I have seen the heartbeat, a promise of the future. And I am almost 9 weeks so only three weeks of yuck left.

Abigail--excited about brother or sister. Watching me take my vitamins said, "You taking medicine to help brother grow healthy? I hope baby grows healthy and arms and legs and big so I can see him."

Housing--after all my spouting about staying for the people, we are fleeing. Well not so much fleeing, but leaving. There was a shooting a street over. Primarily a fight over a woman, but also involved in the house that was somehow involved was drugs and pornography. More so was the idea that some of our neighbors have that calling the police should not be their responsibility. Like, Hey there is a street fight, I'll just let it resolve itself. What if it escalates? Oh, well, something more to complain about. If that is the attitude of the majority of the people here, the bad guys will prevail. And we have children to think about. So we are buying a cute little house in another part of town.

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  1. so glad to hear that pregnancy is going well (hooray for still feeling yucky!) :) I'll keep praying!!!