Monday, October 20, 2008


WooHoo! I am connected. Actually I have been since last Thursday, but having been disconnected for a week, I had some catching up to do.

We are moved in and the necessities are found, though Abigail and I are in need of cold weather gear that is in hiding. Oh, and I think Chris can find only three pair of work pants.

So today it is sorting clothes and working on our budget. And a nap for the little sick one who spread her germs to me via early morning wallowing in my bed. Could I be a little resentful?

She sat on my head and coughed in my nose. Yes, I could be. Saline drops are due--sweet revenge.


  1. now comes the 'fun' part of moving....the unpacking of boxes and wishing that small fires would come and consume the stragglers that just don't seem to unpack themselves. :)

    I hope you'll post pictures of your new house...when you get the chance, of course! :)

  2. Oh, the joys of moving :) Have fun making your house a home!!