Monday, November 10, 2008

Oreo Cookies and Others

The gray has come, settling like a blanket.
Bulky, lofty, insulated coats are donned.
Growing belly and lofty coats bring adventure to carrying toddler.
Snow marks the mountains.

Dry panties give reason for special drinks and lollipops.
And excuse to bolt through Aldi and run across a parking lot.
Chipper little girl dances and songs mark success in public or private.

Unsatisfying breakfast cereal--tasty but lacking.
Brings oreo cookies to Target cart.
And a before lunch treat.
Pregnancy gives cookie crumb lipstick smiles.

Silliness leaps from bed to floor.
Spins from floor to stool.
Climbs aboard.
Dances to my lap.
Ready for a nap.

Legs longer than ever curl in close.
Arms wriggle into the warmth of two bodies.
Head settles onto chest.
With request for a song, or two.
There is only one who prefers my singing.

Little girl settled.

We went grocery shopping today. Our house left in a jumble of play abandoned for chore. Daddy came home for lunch in a hurry with calls to make. Kitchen table, and kitchen itself bearing the remnants of meals prepared, eaten, and dishes awaiting attention. Laundry piled, done in bedrooms, or dirty waiting. Bills to be paid, balances to be calculated.

It is Monday.

It is time to name my blessings.

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  1. this is a beautiful post. thanks for sharing your words...your heart! <3 gk