Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is snowing here. I am a sucker for snow and play. We went out for a half hour before nap time. Well, actually because nap time wasn't working and I need quiet space. Surely snow would help on that front.

Abigail had been counting the minutes to go out and build a snow bear. I don't know, don't ask. And she was very worried that the snow would be all gone before she got outside to play. We had to pray for the snow to remain three times at lunch. Distraught would not be to harsh a word at 11:30.

So the first snow-clothes-donning-process of the winter began. Find the snow clothes. Easier said than done when the boots are at Grandma's house and somehow the winter clothes got separated during the move. We found enough. Now the process of putting pants, and boots, and coats, and hats, and gloves on begins. Because there was snow, Abigail was especially compliant in putting on the hat and gloves she normally refuses.

The snow today is sticky and wet. Perfect for snowballs and snow bears (Does anyone have directions on building a snow bear?) just not enough for the bear. Snowballs would cause crying and frozen tears and snot were not a place I wanted to go.

We dug out the sled. There is a nice slope for toddler and pregnant women sled riding in our yard, so we spent our time outside doing that. Slide down. Walk back up. Slide down. Walk back up.

Not that walking around covered in snow- and cold-resistant clothing is ever a grace even, but trying to gracefully sit down on an orange plastic sled while wearing said clothing slightly tight because of a growing baby is impossible! So is trying to get off said piece of plastic at the bottom of the hill. I finally gave up and rolled off onto all fours. These were my worries for most of the time.

But Abigail. Oh, Abigail, embraced every graceless moment of it. She has finally grown into the snow pants we bought her when she was one. But still she waddles like a little duckling sticking its wings out for balance. Her rain boots protecting feet covered in three layers of socks slid all over causing more than one fall. The combination of a stocking cap and a hood meant she spent all sorts of time shoving the cap out of her eyes. And the congestion she has been wrestling let fly in the cold causing snot to flow freely between nose and mouth. All in all she was a mess.

Not once did she think that the neighbors might be watching. Not once did falling or an awkward moment stop her from enjoying every moment she was outside.

And I find myself doubly embarrassed. Once for all the wrong reasons, and now because my child demonstrated far more grace than I could muster for the same thirty minutes. Not grace of movement or grace of appearance, but in giving herself and me the gift of grace in all our imperfections.

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