Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How often do we look a "gift horse in the mouth" checking to see if it really is as good as the giver believes it to be.

The snow is beautiful, a reminder of how far my sin is removed from me. BUT Abigail hates to walk in it and it makes a wet dirty mess in the shoe area and we get stuck inside.

Birds are coming to the bird feeder hiding in the discarded Christmas tree. BUT I get interrupted six times a day to look and identify the birds as, well, birds and they eat all the seed and it is cold and we are stuck inside and I have to go out and make a mess in the shoe area.

We are well provided for between the grocery store and the canning and freezing of the summer and fall we will not be hungry for a long while. BUT my pantry is a cluttered disorganized mess that needs adjusting every time I look for anything.

We are able to put new cabinetry in our bedroom to make room for our new baby to stay with us so I won't have to traipse all over the house at odd hours. BUT the staging area is our living room which has piles of boxes, hardware, and cabinet pieces all over.

Abigail slept during her nap for 3 hours yesterday and I realized what I was doing. When so angry at the customer service department of our internet service provider that I wanted to beat the phone off the table, I became thankful that she was sleeping till I calmed down enough to not take said anger out on her innocent interruptions EVEN when it meant that I kissed a still awake girl goodnight before I went to bed. She was pleasant for the afternoon and she played quietly and well in her room from bedtime till she fell asleep.

So I'm through looking those gift horses in the mouth. The horse may keel over at any moment but for this one, I have a gift and I'm going to experience it for what it is, a loving God wishing to give me joy.

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