Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Will You Pway with Me?

I hear the question many many times a day. It follows me from task to task. A little voice asking always, Will you pway with me? Often I find myself scooting passed the question, mumbling something about in a few minutes when I'm finished, asking almost always asking the little voice to wait. To play on my time and on my terms.

I've begun to wonder if the voice is asking so much for play or just recognition. An invitation to be part of the activities of the day. To contribute to the making of the home the person behind the voice occupies. What if the dishes and the cooking and the cleaning became part of the game of the day? What if the tasks took longer to do because two people worked together at them? What if room was made in the grown-up activity for little voices to grow and learn and share? What if the day, the routine, the rhythm became infused with relationship such that where beginning and ending were blurred?

And if this is so with a little girl given by God, perhaps His voice whispers Will you include me? Will I infuse each activity with the grace of God? Will I make everyday holy, each moment standing on holy ground?

Can my heart become such that every day is bound up in loving God, loving others? Can my will and my mind carve out the place for my heart to do its work while they do theirs?

What will all of this look like? What must I build into our lives to create this kind of home? Organization. Routine. Decor. All reflecting the presence of God and the presence of the people in this space and in each task.

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  1. That is great idea I hope you can fine the way to that peace. I want that also. Made unloading the dish washer with the kids and setting the table with them. Not only will we get thing done sooner but I will not just be barking out orders. Like a drill sargent aka nagging MOM. Thank You! We will have to see if this works.