Thursday, February 5, 2009



My heart sunk this morning. Well it swelled only to sink with the events as they unfolded.

Last night I prayed for some things. That I would be able to get up early enough for time with you. That the dog would cooperate and be quiet in his crate while I had time with you. That Abigail would sleep a little late so I could have time with you.

My heart swelled when the dog wanted to go out early and when he did go out he hurried and did his business. He peacefully ate his breakfast. I was encouraged that you heard and that you were answering my prayer.


I heard Abigail, before even 7:00 asking to be lifted over the gate. My heart sunk--I thought you wanted to be with me. I thought you knew how much I needed peace and quiet. I thought you would answer a prayer to have time with you. I didn't go back to bed but . . . picked up my computer to check a few things out before opening my Bible or beginning to pray. Before Abigail came to the gate.

Today, I will wonder if the act of picking computer over Bible thwarted the answering of my prayer for time alone with you. Perhaps, You were waiting to see where my heart really was and when I avoided Italicyou, You allowed Abigail to rouse. Perhaps You are reminding me that Your timing is best as right now the dog sleeps and Abigail plays in her room. Perhaps what I think I need is different from what I actually need.

You are my creator. You know what is best for me and for my family. You know the ways you have designed us and the ways our hearts, minds, and bodies work. You know today.
Forgive me for blaming you for my heart sinking. Forgive me for picking up computer before Word. Forgive me for pushing way those little ears when they ask to listen to your Word while I read.
Be with us today. Teach me to number again my minutes that this day may prosper. Allow me to not only accomplish the tasks of today but prepare for the tasks of tomorrow.

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