Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday, I was struck by the instructions in Psalms-more than poems.
  • Sing for joy
  • Shout joyfully to him with psalms.
  • Come before Him with thanksgiving.
  • Worship and bow down.
  • Kneel before the Lord our Maker.
  • Sing to the Lord.
  • Bless His name.
  • Proclaim good tidings of His salvation.
  • Tell of His glory.
  • Worship the Lord.
  • Tremble before Him.
So I thought I had a plan to make it through the day without gritting my teeth--let thanksgiving and praise bring joy to the waiting for new baby and the mothering of a vivacious talkative three-year-old.

Count your blessings. I tried when I felt the joy leaving me to count the blessings, to number them silently, in my head around the chatter and the thoughts wondering about impending labor. It didn't work. Just added more clutter to my mind.

Today I read the Psalms again.
  • The Lord reigns (even over my fluctuating hormones.)
  • Be glad in the Lord.
  • Give thanks to His holy name.
I question.
  • Is silent praise really praise at all?
  • Must praise engage both mind and body to transform heart?
The Word seems to indicate that for praise to change my heart from clinging to God in desperation to walking with Him in joy my mouth must engage in the praise. So today I will shout to the Lord, sing a new song, and perhaps invite the chattering to joy in the song.

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  1. Okay, so don't get upset but I can't keep up with my own calendar--when is your due date again? I hope all is going well as the day gets closer. Praying for you as I think of you and your family. Noelle