Monday, March 9, 2009


It has certainly been a while since I wrote anything here. So to catch up.

Computer Issues
My laptop, the one I bought at Walmart and the experience causing me to forever swear off our local Walmart, has been on the fritz. The sound working one minute and not working the next. I sent it off to be repaired. It should be arriving home tomorrow. If I am ever home tomorrow.

Our enormous baby has begun its 35th week week of gestation. They tell me. I am ready to meet this little one and going full bore in nesting mode. Uncomfortable, I have announced that perhaps early with C-Section won't be so bad as the increased days of discomfort will semi-even out. Chris laughs at my reasoning, but I think my efforts to get and remain comfortable last night may make him see the light. I have an appointment tomorrow where I will measure 36 weeks along.

Girl and Dog
The dog and Abigail have agreed to conflict. I truly believe it is a vast conspiracy to make me crazy. (Chris laughs at this too, questioning the vastness of said conspiracy, but I maintain that for the majority of the day, I who want peace am outnumbered by those creating choas that it is vast.) She will antagonize the dog when he want peace to the point of snapping. He will torment her to the point of pushing, shoving, and screaming.

  • The dog was 19 pounds when we bought him at the end of January. He is 40 pounds now.Abigail must be 40 pounds before she can move to a backless booster. She has been 28 pounds for a year ish. Can I harness her to the seat and put him in a booster?
  • A twenty-eight pound two legged girl cannot push around a 40 pound four legged dog unless he allows her to. He often allows it only to exact revenge when she is not closely guarded by her mother.
  • A puppy knows exactly which toys to go after to cause the loudest, longest scream from a three year old girl. I think he laughs. Sometimes it makes me pray for a sister. I know what brothers can do. and how similarily the dog and brothers behave.
The Dog
George, the dog, is attending puppy training classes. He is bigger than all the other puppies. The trainer says not to worry, there are other bigger dogs in the class. I am not sure they will ever catch up. Chris wants to write a comedy sketch about the class members. Have I known him too long if I can pick out the main characters in the sketch?

The Girl
Abigail is Abigail. She can't wait to wear flippers (flip-flops). I wonder if it was a mistake to buy her a pair already. She is funny and kind and obedient to other people. I can't figure out if my hormones make be inconsistent or if it is part of that vast conspiracy. I bought Have a New Kid by Friday and am trying it out on her. It seems to be working if I get enough sleep. (See above comment on Goliath.)

Nesting calls.
  • Put away groceries (I got the perishables before taking the dog to the vet.)
  • Teach George something.
  • Teach Abigail something. (I hope it isn't leave the dog in peace.)
  • Balance the checkbook.
  • Take the closet door down.
  • Sort Abigail's clothes to prepare for spring/summer 2009.
  • Cease with this post

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