Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Way

Vacuum Bedrooms
Clean Bathrooms
Pick up/Organize Playroom
Clean Laundry Room

Each week I sit down and look at the week. I put in my weekly calendar all the events we have as a family and everything the children and I are going to do
story time,
play date.
Then I look at the list of chores done per week and put them in the schedule. Next I look at the chores that need to be done monthly, yearly and put them in.

There then in writing I have my life laid out. Blue pen defining my tasks for the week. The scratched out tasks give my days value. Define success.

But what of the days when nothing gets scratched off. Or the weeks when not much gets scratched off. Familiar voices return. Condemning. Mean. Guilt inducing.
Today I read. Samuel told Saul, Send your servant ahead. Stand here to hear the Word from the Lord.

Stand still. Let the others keep going. Wait to hear from the Lord.

What if I stopped trying to keep up with those around me? What if I waited? What would the Lord say?

Scrap the To-Dos. Work diligently. Create an Already Done list.

Already Done Today
Cleaned Bathrooms
Play date, wading at Ohiopyle
Made breakfast and dinner
Cleaned the kitchen
Two loads of laundry
Read to Abigail
Talked to Simon
Researched homeschooling
Posted. . .

And the joy returned. Without blue ink defining my success or failure. Blue ink becoming a tool, a journal, a list of successes. The joy returned with a sick girl and a boy off schedule.

The joy returned.

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