Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did You Know that . . .

if you put sourdough starter in a quart jar, depending on how much you are making, cover it with cheesecloth wanna-be fabric, and place the ring on it,

as it does its initial rise it will swell the fabric into a bubble and ooze out the pores

and that if you don't know better you will think the bubble is just starter and try to scrape it off with a knife into a bowl

when that doesn't work you will try to unscrew the ring to release the starter into the bowl you were just trying to scrape it into

and if you really aren't thinking (say a pre-schooler is interrogating you as to what you are doing and a baby is crying because you aren't looking at him) you may decide to cut a hole in the fabric with a knife inside your kitchen in front of the cabinet you got the bowl from and haven't yet closed

if all those things are in order. . .
when you cut that cheesecloth wanna-be fabric with a knife

sourdough starter just started will EXPLODE all over the ceiling of your kitchen spraying the walls and the inside of the cabinet

whatever doesn't hit off the ceiling will ooze out of the jar and onto the counters slinky style

then it will fall to the floor in great globs adhereing to the drawer pulls on its way down

The baby will stop crying due to the bang of exploding sourdough.
The pre-schooler will silence . . . waiting. . . wondering what Mommy will do.
Mommy will consider all her options
--swearing-not around the children and besides this Mommy doesn't need any help becoming more frustrated.
--crying-again not around the children it causes them to worry and to ask questions which causes this Mommy in this situation to become frustrated
--laughing-child safe, diffuses the situation, Go.For.It.

So when sourdough explodes all over the kitchen.
Laugh before cleaning. (and take pictures.)


  1. oh no!!!! I think I would have chosen option b, but glad you went with c. :) - Deanne

  2. Ha Ha Ha...that is too funny! Thanks for the smile today. :)