Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday he didn't expect a thing. He didn't know that November 19, 2009 was one of the days designated by the Farmer's Almanac as best for weaning. He didn't expect that upon waking his mother was going to pitch that gross little pacifier in the trash can.

She didn't expect that it would go so wrong. Abigail was easy. I just took it away and she cried for the three sleep periods of one day. And the pacifier was gone. He cried all day long, except when he was sleeping. Which only happened when he was in the van.

Chris came home from work. And I went to Target to get a new package of pacifiers.

He isn't ready. Just not ready. We'll try next month.


  1. Yeah I swore Jake would be off of the paci by 18 months. Ella gave it up by 6! But he is now 19 months... approaching 20...and still just not ready. Almost. BTW, Simon is ADORABLE, this is the first time I've logged on to see anything other than the newborn shot on facebook. Bro and sis look a lot of like, much like the Thompson two.

  2. Too Funny! We miss you. Kerry