Friday, November 6, 2009


I feel a note here is important. I was looking through my past posts and saw this draft. I wrote it in June. I want to remember it, though her "L"s no longer sound like "W"s, and she knows booming is thunder, and she likes her lettuce. I hope you enjoy this trip down my memory lane.

We were going to visit my uncle. His wife travels. We have visited before but D hasn't been there every time. Abigail was having trouble placing him let alone his wife.
So on the way there she asked,
Who's his anniversary wady?

May has been stormy. I don't know if there haven't been storms since Abigail has been conscious of the world and articulate enough to express her concern. But she now has the words, or some of them. The first time it stormed well in May when Abigail was awake,
I was asked,
I don't wike the booming. How long will the booming wast?

Abigail set the table for lunch. I put the food on the table. Chris gave Abigail some of the salad we were having. We stopped to pray. Abigail said grace. She turned to me
Can I have something else with my weaves?

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