Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Night

We do Sunday night church. It is a small group of people.
  • Men's Bible study. Chris goes.
  • Ladies's Bible study. I would like to go.
  • Youth Group.
  • Kids on a Mission. I teach this. And Abigail attends, most nights.
  • Nursery. Simon goes to the nursery. Sometimes Abigail goes here, too.
I don't always like to go. It makes us hurry through dinner. I have to plan the lesson, and I usually put it off. And the kids are a vast age group 4 years old thru fifth grade. It can be challenging.

But tonight. I went with a treated migraine. And we had a great night. Granted there were not many kids, but it was good.
And for that I am thankful, tonight.

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