Monday, December 21, 2009

For Widows and Orphans

***Update--I called the agency who was working to place this little guy and found out that there are many families lining up to take him home. Let us pray for guidance and wisdom for his case worker. Let us pray too for the transition time that awaits him and his new family.***

I cried to Chris this morning, and I laid awake in that praying/worry state last night.
I promise I am just praying for him to find a home.

It is the time of year for Christmas music. And we have a wonderful CD with this song.

I listen and listen and I cry. This year I decided that I must do something. I am going to pray for God to give these children dear to him homes. Each week a different child.

So I promised myself that right now my service to those waiting for families would be to pray. And I found one to pray for, and I fell in love with his little face.

And so I cry to Chris, I promise I am just praying for him to find a home. I'm not trying to hijack you.

Or you all.

But I feel I just ask that you too pray for him to find a home. Please, God wants each of us to have a family, He wants us all to care.

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