Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Enter the Story

Waiting. . .

We studied the Jesse tree devotionals this advent. What a story! Fall and redemption told and retold. Messiah promised over and over. Time waiting for its fullness.

Then. . .He enters our world, fallen, cursed. Immanuel, God with us. For this purpose. . . Lamb of God. Beaten, bloody, separated . . . atonement.

His kingdom come. Hearts bowed in His presence. Cries of repentance. Christ-king in the lives of Abraham's faith-decedents.

Believers enter the waiting. Living is Christ and death is gain. Souls born into the kingdom. The adopted longing to be with the Father. Martyred souls crying from beneath the altar.

The God who makes promises has a history of keeping promises. Immanuel, Lamb of God entered history quietly, humbly. King of kings, Lord of lords will come in glory, powerful.

So those of us on this side continue the waiting.

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