Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

He started walking this week. Unsteady legs. Pushing everything possible. Walking.
He also became obsessed with the bathroom--played in the toilet for the first time.

Abigail and I made love jars for her father and I made I Love You because books for her and Simon. And beaded necklaces and crowns. Hey, it's just what you do with beads meant for entertainment at the hospital but unnecessary.

Chris and I went out on Thursday for Valentine's day. Early but we had not been without interruption or distraction, i.e. on a date since before his trip. We needed to get out! And we needed to return our second set of cell phones. We decided that we needed a "real" cell plan instead of Tracfones. We tried one company to find three different stories on traveling abroad. So, we switched to another company to find that Chris in Germany was not able to call us on the phone we purchased and set up for just that purpose. And then we got the bill. We will stay with Tracfone, and be thankful for 30 day grace periods.

Last week church was canceled due to weather. God was kind to sustain us on the week before's teaching. Usually when we skip church by Wednesday, I am famished, but missing church was out of our control and He was merciful to make daily times with Him enough.

Chris had sound duty today at church and we got up late. Last night I tried to get everything ready. I am convinced that God honored my attempts to prepare for a good morning by giving us one. We were on time and everything. I didn't even have to yell at anyone. That's His work, I'm telling you.
We have reached the painting stage of the children's room remodel! WoooHoooo! Yesterday we started and accomplished plenty though not as much as I planned. Abigail painted her box, Chris painted the ceiling and I painted the accent walls. Then we moved our freezer and organized it. Good stuff.

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