Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is the food day in our home. Groceries. Menu. Filling the pantry and refrigerator. Washing and slicing vegetables. These days aren't my favorite. I am not one of those women who like the kitchen, who feel like the kitchen is the heart and hub of their family. I am one of those women who like the couch, who feels like the living room (really the couch) is the heart of our family. It is where hard things are talked about, where stories are read and shared, where prayers are prayed.

But today is food day. It works well for me to group weekly tasks on days and when all the food prep is done, I have time to finish the other tasks without spending all evening in the kitchen. So today, in the midst of less than favorite tasks, I count my blessings.

1. princesses in shopping carts
2. the cashiers with kind smiles and listening ears for the princess in the shopping cart
3. a boy who will make fun for himself anywhere
4. driving the van for the first time in a while
5. finding curtains, rods, and rings for the new bedroom
6. being at the stage to find curtains, rods, and rings
7. visiting church office
8. a quick defrost for peaches
9. running out of white flour so I have to experiment
10. having a dinner date
11. needing to only make dessert
12. maple syrup
13. little girl helping with big dog
14. the smell of browning ground beef
15. cumin
16. having time to make a collage while the cobbler bakes
17. a freezer full of food
18. jars of food waiting to be carried to the kitchen
19. short grocery lists
20. skipping girls

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry, I didn't really comprehend anything past 'cobbler'. Mmmm.....cobbler! What kind? :)

    Well, your Monday is over and so is Food Day. I hope this means that the rest of your week allows for more couch time! (I like that term by the way, and how it is a hub rather than the kitchen. brilliant!)