Monday, April 26, 2010

So Early

I just felt that way this morning. So early when her voice loud and footsteps louder came into the kitchen. So early when his whimpers announced dirty diaper and hungry belly. Before I could get a single complete thought thought, the day greeted me with hunger and dirt and loud. I confess, I do not manage such mornings well. I want to wake like the grass to the sun. Quiet, gently, peaceful. Oh, I know that the day will heat up that my work will be all I can do, but could the transitions have quiet peace about them.
The bottom gets cleaned and belly gets milk. The girl snuggles down on the couch with Bob and Larry and a cup of chocolate. I return to my bed, coffee in hand. On the way I find the bag where days are saved. I write of my clenched, grinding teeth, the tension holding the pen. I remember there the pouring out and I remember there the key to days of joy.
This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)
And as I continue writing my body relaxes into Him, into the ways He has made Himself known, visible. . .
--his smile that makes his eyes disappear--
--her mind always thinking--
--the way she kept up with the big kids yesterday--
--that haircut--
--the way his morning crazy hair catches the sunlight--
--black tail wagging--
--furniture where we want it--
--learning to read--
--camera phones--
--big girl bikes--
--multicolored daisies--
--the smell of lilacs--
--his persistence and fearlessness--
--her bravery--
--watching hearts rely on Him--
--ice cream cones--

holy experience

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  1. I so love that verse and remember it daily to keep away any morning growlies. :) I, too, am so thankful for His words that transform the days into such gifts. Such a sweet list you have. :)