Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laundry Day

I have a day for laundry. Or maybe I should say I dream of a day for laundry. But the intention is there. I have tried the other way--a little bit every day--but this way I know there is one day when my accident prone daughter will be stocked up on underwear.

This day inspired some confessions
--I put away unfolded laundry, underwear in this house gets put into a drawer willy-nilly--
--Simon unfolded half a basked of laundry. I put it in drawers unfolded. I just wasn't doing it over.--
--Sometimes I rewash clothes that have set in the dryer too long instead of ironing them--

I have some ideas that really work for us.
--I keep a basket for clothes to give away and/or pack away.--
--We hung a clothesline in the basement and have a clothesline on the deck.--
--I have gallon jug of whte vinegar that I use in place of fabric softener.--

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