Monday, June 28, 2010


Sometimes I just plunge right in. A couple of examples. . .

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Abigail wanted to read the new book we got at the quilt show today. As we were sitting on the couch together and the story was unfolding--Little girl of twelve taken from her mother to work in another plantation. Slaves talking of running away and needing maps. The little girl patiently stitching together the map to freedom.--Two pages in I was regretting putting the new book out just yet. Two pages in she was already involved. So we kept reading and talking and reading and she rejoiced at Clara's freedom. Breathe a sigh of relief.

A Cat's Meal
Our shed has become home to a family of cats, black cat momma and gray and white fuzz-balls of babies. We don't want cats in our home, but our hearts went out to this family who has moved in to an outbuilding in our possession. Today I bought a bag of cat food. We waited till this evening to feed this little family. We got some feed and walked around the yard, this mama and her two little ones. I dumped the compost and we started into the shed to be met not with hungry cat and kittens hiding in the corner but with the glassy eye of cat and kitten dinner. And tonight, all evening long, we have had to discuss the demise of the bunny. I didn't shoo little girl eyes fast enough. I fear that tomorrow we will have to go inspect the remains. If so, I figure I can chalk it up to some homeschooling, but the smell. . .

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