Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Central Air. . .or the Lack Thereof

We moved into our current abode early in October of 2008. We first walked though this little house in August of 2008. I spent a few more hours in the house in late August or early September during the home inspection. The air conditioner worked then. The house was comfortable. We were excited as we thought this house had all the things done to it that we had just finished doing to our house in Michigan before we moved.

We were wrong, but that is for another day. Last summer, we turned on the air. It ran and ran and ran. At one point I claimed that the house was getting warmer.

Yep. We didn't get central air when we moved. Unless you count fans and open windows. We got an old no longer working air conditioner. We didn't buy an new air conditioner last summer, and Chris wants to relocate the new one it to the middle of my onion and squash patch so this summer isn't looking promising. I think air conditioning makes me feel a little off so I am actually good with not having it.


This summer it is hot. Really very hot.

So hot we discuss the temperature. I talked with my mom today and we talked about the temperature. (I think it is a requirement for adults to discuss the weather when the Fahrenheit drops below 20 or climbs above 90 for any stretch of time. It is an aside and slightly off topic, but worth noting, I believe.)

My mom told me about her new method of keeping cool. They don't have central air either, just a window air conditioner that she tries not to turn on. Close up the house. Windows, curtains, doors, close it all up. Yeah, I had heard of that, but I thought they were talking to people with air. But, no, my mom claimed that it worked for her especially if she turned the air conditioner on fan only.

It is so hot here I tried it. And it works! We live in a cave, but we are cool enough that a preschooler, a baby, and a mom can live without central air without wanting to strangle each other over the littlest things. That and during the heat wave, I have decided that we will be taking it easy. No big projects, no looming mama-created deadlines, nothing that will increase the temperature of my own brain. Just the basics, lots of water and cave-dwelling.

Oh, and waiting till 7:00ish when the heat starts to abate and the windows and curtains are open again.


  1. i have heard of that too. and I say hey, whatever works to keep cool!

  2. kathy o. is the mother of all inventions! and she's right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great day with your little ones sarah. supposed to rain tomorrow!!!!!! love, jan