Friday, July 16, 2010

Nothing Left

In front of Abigail, eating chicken nuggets and doing her best to stay awake, I stated,
We got into the van to come home and I realized I have nothing left.
She replied, You have me and Simon.
Yes, I am wealthy with you and Simon and Daddy and our family and friends who love us. I mean that I have no energy left after this week.

True this week has taken a toll, but we I have also tasted and seen that He is good, that His refuge is indeed a sweet place of provision.

When you consent to surgery you are given a list of the dangers of surgery and anesthesia, a very scary list. I remember thinking I just want her back. The her that makes her her. I prayed most for this. When we were called back to the recovery area, she was having as much of a conversation with the nurse as possible when one is coming from sedation.

Heard, Why is my thumb out?
Actually the blanket is bothering the (wobble) the thing (pointing to the splint).
Hey, hey, will you tell the the doctor that I want to come and play the video game again. (Referring to the sedation process.)

He preserved the her that makes her her. And he gave us a wonderful team of nurses and doctors to insure that she will have a properly functioning hand soon--two weeks in a splint and two weeks in a cast (hopefully a waterproof cast).

The best picture:


  1. it is well with your souls once again, and it's a beautiful thing to see. many are praying. get a decent night's sleep. love to you all

  2. so glad to hear that all things went well and that she's on her way back to 'her'self.

    do they make waterproof casts?? if so, then Caleb so got jipped.

  3. Wow.
    Sarah, I am so...can't think of the proper word...relieved, overjoyed for all of you.

    That picture speaks volumes. God is an Awesome God.

    I had a song...Who am I...Casting Crowns.

    I am going to stop now because I am very emotional...and you know that is dangerous!

  4. We are rejoicing with you!